Digital Technology

Digital Technology - As you already know, technology and digital have now become part of everyday life.

The various kinds of devices that you use in your daily life cannot be separated from this digital technology.

So, it could be said that this has become a part of human civilization itself.

The development of digital technology itself can be seen very rapidly and in almost all sectors, this is actually directly proportional to the use of the technology itself.

Where, various kinds of affairs and also your life needs are carried out by applying this technology.

This digital technology is a tool that does not use manual human power, but uses an automatic operating system, namely by using a computerized system or a format that can be read by a computer.

Based on the definition of digital technology that we have explained above, it can be concluded that technology itself is just a calculating system that works very quickly to process all forms of information in the form of numerical values ​​or digital codes.

Meanwhile, digital communication technology is a technology that uses a computer's electrical signal base, where the signal is discontinuous and uses a binary number system.

These binary numbers will later form the digital code itself, these codes will later be processed by the computer.

For example, an image taken using a video camera has undergone a change from light wave form to digital form in the form of pixels.

For a more detailed review, please just read the explanation regarding Digital Technology below until the end.

Development of Digital Technology

Digital Technology is a calculating system that works very quickly to be able to process all forms of information in the form of numerical values ​​(digital codes).

Based on the definition of digital technology, it can be ascertained that this technology requires a long process in its development.

Broadly speaking, the development of digital technology can be divided into 3 parts, as below:
  • 1940 began with the birth of the computer.
  • 1989 was the year of the birth of the internet or World Wide Web or (WWW).
  • And 1997 was the year when social media was born and this was followed by the widespread use of this technology from the 2000s.
Digital technology is a technology that emerged at the end of the 70s and this also became a sign of the birth of the technological revolution itself.

This digital term is an anatomy of the analog term which has been popular among the wider community for a long time.

Based on the definition of digital technology itself, it can be said that this technology is a form of development of analog technology, although this is different from one to another.

In digital technology, there is no storage of data or information in the form of images or sound.

Data storage itself is a process of storing data on a computer or other media such as CDs, hard disks, flash disks and others.

Where this aims to protect this data, so that it can be opened or used again in the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Technology

Almost the same as other fields, where digital technology of course has many advantages which in the end can be utilized to produce something much better, as well as its disadvantages.

We have provided several advantages and disadvantages of Digital Technology that you should know, namely as follows:

A. Advantages of Digital Technology

Here are some of the advantages of Digital Technology that you should know first, namely as follows:

a. More Efficient Network

Digital technology can enable much more efficient network use, this will make your connection much better even if there are several different networks.

The server can be used to recognize and distinguish each connection and also ensure that it works well, because each connection can be marked.

b. Data Storage Just Got Much Easier

This digital technology can make storing your data much easier, even for large amounts of data.

This technology will enable your data to be stored online or using various efficient media.

So there will no longer be a need for various types of conversion equipment which require large spaces.

c. Allows Smartphone Use

Digital technology can also make it possible for every Smartphone user, where this one device can change various types of communication systems.

Not only in the form of images, smartphone users are also able to communicate directly in the form of video.

This digital technology also allows the development of various smartphone features to become much more sophisticated.

d. Make it easier to send data

Sending data using digital technology from one place to another will become much easier.

This process will run very smoothly, because the data can be transmitted in the form of digital signals smoothly and is not affected by weather or other things.

e. Much Cheaper Treatment Costs

Very different from analog technology which requires a lot of equipment and maintenance, digital technology has also become much more practical.

This technology does not require a lot of maintenance or storage space, so it will not require a large maintenance facility.

B. Disadvantages of Digital Technology

Please just take a look at some of the disadvantages of Digital Technology that you should also know, namely as follows:

a. Increasing Internet Crime

The development of digital technology has also triggered an increase in internet crime or cybercrime which often occurs nowadays.

Namely such as data theft, bank account burglary, terrorism crimes, hacking, pornography and many others.

b. Digital Error

Digital technology also has risks in terms of processing the data it has, where it can create data errors so that the resulting data will be inappropriate or less accurate.

c. Has Complexity

In general, digital technology will feel much more practical and flexible, however, building this system also has high complexity.

The complex system will of course require the development of various types of paper equipment and software.

d. Causing Dependency

With the use of digital technology, users often become dependent on it.

For example, using smartphones for various online activities such as playing games or social media.

This kind of dependence can have many negative impacts on its users, including the emergence of various diseases.

e. The rise of plagiarism

Digital technology can also have a high impact on acts of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

For example, there is a lot of book piracy, use of photos or images without permission, film piracy and so on.

Differences between Digital and Analog Technology

The development of digital technology has certainly changed many things that were previously only analog and only had limited use.

Digital Technology is a calculation system that works very quickly to be able to process all forms of information in the form of numerical values ​​or (Digital Codes).

Based on the understanding of digital technology, it can be concluded that this process will require sensors that can convert various kinds of real information into digital code, for example the processes that occur in digital cameras.

These digital codes that have been sent by the sensor will be directly processed by the computer or microprocessor that is already present in each digital device itself.

The results of processing digital data will later be displayed in the form of information on the digital equipment screen.

Meanwhile, analog technology itself is a simple tool that uses certain programs with minimal settings that are already available, such as those you can find on analog computers.

An analog computer is a measuring instrument that is generally used on various types of machines to provide information and also automatic control.

This analog technology itself has a weakness, namely that this technology cannot carry out precise measurements and will require a long time to process information.

For example, ordinary or analog telephones still do not use digital or internet systems like today.

Apart from that, Analog Technology can also be categorized as a transition technology from mechanical technology to digital technology.

Meanwhile, mechanical technology is technology that prioritizes various types of mechanical or manual systems.

If you look at the explanation above, of course mechanical technology will not require a computer or microprocessor to set up and operate.

Because this technology already uses a structured or organized mechanical system.

However, the mechanical system also has its own advantages, where the arrangement of this complete system is very limited and only consists of a number of mechanical parts that require special maintenance.

The final word

That's all the discussion in this article about digital technology that we can provide for those of you who don't understand it.

Hopefully the review above can help broaden your insight and knowledge.

If you feel that the description we have outlined above is important, don't forget to help share this article with your friends or relatives who don't know about it yet.

We think that we have had enough of all the explanations in this article, that's all and we thank you for the time you have taken.

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