Digital Farming

Digital Farming - Technology in everyday life has been proven to increase functionality, where digital has reduced manual work which usually takes a lot of time, is prone to errors and is also inefficient.

With the advancement of AI or Artificial Intelligence, which is a data analysis capability, all the equipment in your home can be managed by a virtual assistant who can understand commands just from the human voice and can respond immediately.

Thanks to the existence of AI, every digitalized sector has also benefited, this is apparently also felt by the agricultural sector which is slowly revolutionizing this broad and complex sector.

The agricultural sector is a type of business that is very high risk, because it is very difficult to predict.

Because, as you already know, agriculture is very dependent on natural conditions, starting from soil quality, water availability to changes in weather.

Many farmers fail to harvest due to drought, changing seasons and pests. Once harvested, the quality of the agricultural products they obtain will decrease and the selling price will also be even lower.

In fact, the costs incurred by farmers to be able to produce various types of materials are always the same and never change each planting season and may even increase.

To be able to overcome this problem, modernizing agricultural technology is considered very necessary, one of which is starting to use the concept of Agricultural Technology which is said to be able to bring many benefits to farmers.

If we talk about what digital agriculture or Agricultural Technology is, it is an integration of digital technology into the management of livestock and plants along with other processes related to cultivation and management of food resources.

Usually this term is also very often used to explain differences in the use of various types of data that have been collected.

However, this is usually also about how technology can be integrated and work throughout the supply chain, starting from seeds or livestock to consumers.

For a clearer explanation, you can just read the explanation regarding Digital Farming that we have provided below until it's finished!!

Benefits of Digital Farming

At a time when global demand for food is increasing, farmers must also grow agricultural commodities more efficiently and sustainably.

Therefore, farmers will certainly really need innovation to help increase crop yields in a sustainable manner.

And that's where Agricultural Technology will be very helpful, as reported by Yara, where Agricultural Technology really refers to various scientific disciplines to be able to optimize every aspect of agriculture.

This technology has become a very important part of business, including farmers, thinners and agronomists.

With the increasing need for technology adoption in the agricultural sector, it should become very commonplace.

Farmers can use technology to increase efficiency and also manage planting costs, where the evolution of digital technology and agricultural modernization have succeeded in giving rise to many new concepts.

According to DTN, these terms also include digital farming, where the essence of agricultural technology lies in creating value from data.

Below we have summarized several benefits that will be obtained from digital farming or Digital Farming, namely as follows:

A. Efficient Communication

As we said before, Digital Farming is bringing huge changes to workers in the agricultural industry.

In the past, farmers had to use paper, ledgers and notes manually to copy data.

This no longer applies today, because of digitalization which can eliminate barriers between farmers with a much better communication network.

Everyone who is involved in the agricultural sector can communicate quickly and reliably in real-time.

B. Can monitor land in real time

In traditional forms of agriculture, farmers have to go around the rice fields first to be able to monitor the land and agricultural commodities.

Of course, this method will take a lot of time and also has the potential for errors to occur later.

For this reason, with digital agriculture, farmers can use tools such as sensors or satellite imagery to monitor all existing agricultural areas.

Farmers can use drones to monitor all their land quickly and can also save you more time.

C, Improving Plant Quality

Because by using the help of technology, farmers can find out and also predict the weather for the next few months, which means farmers can prepare for various possibilities that will occur.

Technology will also make it possible for farmers to check soil pH, water content and increase land fertility.

In fact, farmers can also use various kinds of the latest agricultural technology to create long-lasting plant varieties.

D. Increase production results

In the end, all of this technology can increase production output, including cutting production time much shorter and can also generate much more sales.

The greater the production capacity and harvest yields, the level of sales will also increase, because basically agricultural products are basic necessities for everyone which always run out on the market.

E. Facilitate the distribution of agricultural products

Thanks to the support provided from various platforms. Farmers can market their crops more quickly and at the right price.

The presence of various marketplaces that support agricultural products such as TaniHubm, EraTani, e-Fishery, SayurBox and others have a very significant impact on the welfare of farmers.

Examples of Digital Farming in Indonesia

As we said before, the agricultural sector is actually a sector that has very high risks because it is very difficult to predict, especially nowadays.

As we get here, weather changes become increasingly unpredictable, today you might think that the plants you are caring for are growing well, but no one can know whether the situation will remain the same the next day.

At that point you need help from technology, by using technology you can at least minimize the risks.

For example, by using various supporting applications such as weather forecasting applications or others.

Eratani Indonesia, as a company that is already active in the agricultural sector, has also tried to help farmers with technology.

Here are some examples of Digital Farming in Indonesia that some of you may not be sure about or are still unsure about, namely as follows:

A. Plant Sensor

You can use this plant sensor to collect data about the plant's environment such as humidity, temperature, sunlight and also the pH of the soil.

This data will then be directly analyzed to provide very useful information about how to optimize plant growth and productivity.

B. Automatic Irrigation System

This Automatic Irrigation System usually uses a soil moisture sensor to determine when plants need to be watered.

Of course, this will really help you save on water expenses and increase the efficiency of water use.

C. Weather Prediction

These weather predictions can be used to help farmers plan agricultural activities to be carried out.

Only by predicting the weather can farmers determine the right time to plant, harvest and also manage their crops.

D. Agricultural Drones

Agricultural drones can be used to collect data about plants from a perspective that the human eye cannot reach.

Drones can also be used to monitor plant conditions, identify areas that need additional care, and can even be used to take soil samples for laboratory analysis.

E. Agricultural Applications

There are already lots of agricultural applications that can be downloaded directly, starting from weather forecasting applications to agricultural management applications.

This application can help farmers manage their crops and make much better decisions about when and how to care for plants.

F. Livestock Management System

This livestock management system can be used to monitor animal health, manage eating and drinking schedules, and can even provide necessary care.

From this data, you can later analyze it to help livestock improve animal health and productivity.

The final word

Maybe that's all the discussion in this article about digital farming that we can provide for those of you who may not know yet.

Hopefully the explanation above can broaden your insight and knowledge at this time.

If you feel that the review above is important, don't forget to help share or share this article with your friends or relatives who may not know about it.

That's all the explanation in this article that we can explain, that's all and thank you for the time you have taken.

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