Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - With so many digital media currently around, it is very clear that digital marketing is one of the most effective marketing options to do.

Digital marketing media includes communication channels that you may have encountered very often, whether via the internet or other networks such as telephone and television.

Because many companies are currently competing to maximize their campaigns in this digital world.

Maybe there are still many of you who don't understand or know these digital marketing terms or words, so you can read this review to the end.

In Indonesian, the definition of digital marketing is digital marketing, by using this strategy you can promote and also sell products through various types of digital media.

Have you ever seen an advertisement while visiting a website? Or maybe you have seen the advertisements on TV? Or do you even often get calls from the sales department of a company? That's right, that's what is called digital marketing.

Not only that, because according to experts, Digital Marketing is the use of digital technology and devices that are supported by an internet connection to achieve marketing targets.

So, it can be concluded that the definition of digital marketing can be concluded as a marketing activity that involves the use of networks and digital technology to achieve certain marketing goals.

Currently, there are various companies that are starting to implement internet-based systems to be able to reach customers more widely.

Internet users, who have now reached more than 59.5% worldwide, have helped trigger the growth of e-commerce platforms and other online transactions.

From here you will definitely have an idea of ​​why digital marketing strategies are currently very effective to use.

For a more detailed review, please just read the discussion about Digital Marketing that we have provided below until the end.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

After we explain what digital marketing is, here we will discuss the factors that influence the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Of course, the main factor that really supports the success of this digital marketing strategy is the large number of Internet users throughout the world, as we have stated above.

Almost everyone currently prefers to carry out transactions online, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you look at it from a technological and efficiency perspective, there are also several reasons that make it a marketing method that you must try to use if you are starting or already have a business.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Marketing that you should know to be able to support the development of the business you are running, namely as follows:

A. More Appropriate Market Targeting

By using various kinds of digital marketing tools that have been designed to some extent, you can get accurate data regarding user habits and preferences related to certain market segments, or related to the products and services that have been offered.

From there you can also develop a strategy that is most appropriate or suitable for the market you are targeting, so that its implementation can be much more effective.

B. Evaluate Strategy Based on Existing Data

After implementing a marketing strategy, you can immediately see the evaluation and analysis of your marketing.

You can use data such as the success rate of campaigns, the number of users who open advertisements, and so on to improve previous marketing strategies.

Based on this accurate data, later you can also increase the effectiveness of the campaign so that sales figures increase even more.

C. Can Reach All Markets

As you already know, the online world is not limited by space and time, where almost 24 hours a day, or 7 days a week and throughout the year, these digital networks are always connected to various regions in the world.

Well, digital marketing is a very appropriate method because you can reach and connect with customers from various parts of the world, whenever and wherever.

As a result, the services or products that you have offered will always be available and can also be purchased directly by customers at any time.

D. Cheaper Costs

The budget you have to spend on digital marketing will be much cheaper compared to traditional marketing strategies.

You also don't need to print a poster or waste funds on advertising that is not very effective or targeted.

There are already several organic ways that you can actually do without having to spend quite a lot of advertising costs.

For example, if you already have a website or blog using WordPress, then you can try ways to increase your web ranking on Google.

E. Increase brand reputation

It is very certain, with the large number of internet users and online platforms, you can increase your brand reputation through digital marketing.

Most buyers will generally search for a product or service first on the Internet before deciding to make a transaction.

By implementing digital marketing, the business you are running will be much easier for potential customers to find.

Not only that, they will also feel confident that your brand can be trusted and in the end this will increase your online income.

Types of Digital Marketing

Below we have provided the types of Digital Marketing that are often implemented by business people, namely as follows:

A. Online Site

The existence of this online site can prove the existence of a business. Not only that, potential buyers or consumers will also be more likely to be able to assess the suitability of a business or product, where this can be seen from the quality of the site owned by the business.

The first impression of potential consumers will be obtained from browsing the business website, online sites can also be used as a tool for marketing teams.

Because they can advise potential buyers regarding the products and services offered by the business.

B. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or what is abbreviated as SEO is an effort that can be made to increase the possibility that business links can appear on the main page and also in first place on the Google search engine.

That way, the possibility that the business site will be opened by potential buyers or customers is much greater.

SEO can be done organically. The meaning here is to insert a relevant keyword or key words in the articles on the business site.

Where, later these keywords will become a way or step so that the site can be seen in search engines.

C. PPC or Pay-Per-Click

This PPC method is a pay per click method, which can ensure that a business site is far superior to other sites, of course with the same keywords in searches.

One example of this service provider is Google Ads, but there are already many social media that currently provide this PPC service.

For example, like Linkendin, Twitter and Facebook, these services are provided as a business marketing tool that can be considered.

D. Social Media

The majority of social media currently do not require fees for the registration process, this is of course an additional advantage for a company in developing its business.

The ease of using this account will support the digital marketing process that you carry out later.

The thing you have to remember here is that the publication of a product must also be supported by a large number of social media followers.

That way, the results you will receive will also be comparable when your product gains popularity.

For things that must be prepared regularly, which are related to material, you must prepare interesting material, because this will help you increase interaction between followers and the business.

E. Online Videos

Digital marketing can also be done by marketing products in the form of videos. Videos that are interesting, informative and high quality will be an effective medium.

Delivery to potential buyers or customers will be much easier, if the delivery is done well then convincing potential customers can also be done with the product video.

Of course, the video provided or displayed must contain things that make the product or service provided superior and must be used immediately by potential customers.

The video can also be broadcast on several available social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others.

Metadata and related keywords can also be placed in the video, this can also be one of the SEO strategies that you can apply in online videos.

F. Affiliates or Online Advertising

Marketing carried out by affiliates will take advantage of the partner's popularity, in order to improve products, services and also business marketing.

Placing video articles or advertisements is a very effective method for increasing exposure to a business.

This will really apply to social media, blogs and others, affiliate partners will usually also get a payment, where the payment also comes from loyal [referrals] given to customers.

G. Marketing Through Messages

Marketing via this message can be done via SMS, Email and also chat applications such as WhatsApp.

Even though it is not rarely done, digital marketing using this method is often considered intrusive by the recipients, especially if the message is considered annoying.

Recipients will not hesitate to block the message sender, not only that, recipients can also automatically move the shipment to the Trash or Spam section.

Therefore, the main task of users of this method is to ensure that the material sent is useful for the recipients.

One way that can be done to reduce this intrusion is to provide a subscription option, either free or paid, to the target recipient of the message.

How to Start Digital Marketing

After you know the meaning of digital marketing, its advantages and types, then you can read the discussion about how to start digital marketing.

Are you interested in trying it? To start marketing via digital or social media.

Below we have provided several things that must be prepared to do How to Start Digital Marketing, namely as follows:

A. Preparing the Tools

The first thing you have to do to start digital marketing is to prepare the tools you will use.

Prepare tools that can be used in marketing activities, there are several tools that you can use in digital marketing.

Examples include blog uploads, social media accounts, sites or websites, brand and product identities, online footprints such as feedback, reviews and so on.

In the world of digital marketing, these tools are assets, where these assets will be very useful for business life on digital media, therefore, it is very important to manage everything well.

B. Prepare Content

The second way you can do this is by preparing content, prepare content as interesting and as good as possible, the content created must also attract attention and be shareable.

There are various kinds of content that you can create, starting from writing, photos, videos and so on.

Please determine in advance the marketing objectives and also the target market, because this is no less important in creating content.

C. Start Uploading

The next stage is to start uploading, when you have finished uploading, don't forget to pay attention to every movement of the content you create and evaluate each upload.

Determine what kind of content will provide feedback and then just focus on that content.

D. Login and Join the Forum

This last stage is no less important to do, when all the previous points have been carried out, you just have to enter and join a public marketplace forum.

Make sure the business forum you create is as good and interesting as possible, this will affect the image of your business brand.

The final word

That's all the discussion about digital marketing that we can convey this time for those of you who may still be confused.

We hope that the review we have outlined above can broaden your insight or knowledge.

If you feel that the explanation we have shared above is important, don't forget to help share it with your friends or relatives who don't know it yet.

Maybe that's enough for all the explanations in this article, that's all and thank you for taking the time.

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